Sunday, June 14, 2020

Night Time Potty Training Tips 2020

Potty training isn’t just an achievement for kids—Potty training is a big challenge for Kids. As almost every parent can attest, potty training represents a major parenting milestone too. Figuring out how to make it through the day accident-free is a huge milestone for parents. Nighttime training typically takes longer to achieve. You Know Nighttime potty training can be a totally different beast than daytime training. Even after finding success with day-time potty training, the night -time can bring unpredictable challenges, Believe it or not, being potty trained at night can come months (or even years!) after your child is keeping their underwear dry all day long, Even children who are completely dry during the day may not be developmentally ready to get through the evenings.

night time potty training tips

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I know of parents who set alarms to get up and make their child use the toilet in the middle of the night. You should Set a mental (or physical) alarm and help your child use the toilet every couple of hours during night-time. Follow these useful tips that will help you transition to potty train at night and look forward to the dry nights ahead!


1. Encourage drinking plenty of water and frequent use of the toilet during the day. Day-time dryness should be well established before beginning night time potty training.

2. Avoid making your child drink fluids just before bedtime. Fluids will increase the urge to pee and your child may not be able to control it.

3. Establish a Routine. A nighttime potty training routine is very simple. Make sure your kid goes to the bathroom right before hopping into bed at night.

4. Explain to your child that you are available for him/her if he/she wants to use the toilet at any time during the night. It is one of the best things.

5. Wear your Kid pull-ups only when sleeping and underpants during the day.

6. Wait Until They Are Waking Up Dry. Many parents say they didn’t have to do anything in particular for potty training at night.

7. Ensure that the mattresses that you use for your Child are water-resistant and use plastic/quick dry sheets over them.

8. Leave the bathroom light on so they can find their way easily and consider adding a nightlight to their room. Don’t make night-time toilet training scary for your little one.

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